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European Art Studio




Why do you paint and what inspires you?


Art allows for feelings of pure joy, happiness, vibrancy, satisfaction, as well as for remembrance of important moments in our lives. It inspires awe, provides us with a life-long companionship, and tickles our critical thinking. It can be an ally in supporting our goals if we simply look at it regularly; in fact, the “right” piece of art can serve as our daily anchor. Art is also an heirloom that connects generations. Women’s lives move me most. It’s women I want to inspire in particular to help build an attitude of joyful resilience and celebrate their uniqueness. My art is also meant to serve as a subtle reminder that we are still far away from having reached real equity and real inclusion.


What kind of medium do you use?


I use acrylic, charcoal, and ink.


Do you have a price list?


Yes. Please visit the homepage (, pull up 'Price List' and see price ranges below.


Is sales tax included in the list price?


Sales tax is not included and will be added to the list price.


Is shipping & handling included in the list price?


Shipping & handling are separate fees and are based on the size

of the artwork and the place of destination. (Please inquire.)


Does shipping & handling apply if I pick up the piece at your studio?




Are the pieces ready to hang?


All pieces (except posters) are ready to hang.


Is the artwork framed?


Some pieces are framed; others are not (please refer to the description of each painting on the gallery page.)


Can I buy the artwork unframed at a reduced price?




How long will it take before my artwork arrives?


Once your payment clears, the artwork will be shipped within 2-3 business days.


Does the purchased artwork come with a Certificate of Title?


Upon request.


Do you offer poster prints of your artwork? What are the sizes?


Yes. Of some. Please check the gallery page for poster options and costs.


Do you take commissions? What sizes would be available to me?

What type of materials do you use?


Yes. Ask for available sizes. I only use the highest quality canvases and paints.


How long do you take to complete a commission?


It depends on the size, the subject matter, and the intricacies of production.  Any commission will be determined through an upfront agreement.


Can I pay in installments for the artwork I wish to acquire?


Yes, for artwork over $1000 if shipped. 80% down, the remaining 20% within three business days of arrival.


Is there a discount if I pay in full?



Which forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, Visa, PayPal.


What is your return policy?


As all artwork is visible for exploration on my website, or can be seen in person by appointment. No returns are granted other than in case of a damaged shipment. Prior to making a purchase feel free to contact me for a consultation in case you have specific questions such as size, its fitting in with your decor, multi-party decision, etc.

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